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8 Solutions for iPhone 'No Location Found' Issue 2023

Have you ever come across the frustrating "No Location Found" error on your iPhone? By the reading this post, you'll have a clear understanding of the meaning behind both terms, ensuring you're well-informed in any situation.

Part 1. What Does No Location Found iPhone?

iPhone has a convenient feature that enables users to track their loved ones via GPS location sharing capability. Nevertheless, you might be curious about the implications when one receives a "No Location Found" message on their iPhone. This kind of message could indicate multiple scenarios, such as the iPhone being in airplane mode, out of service range, outdated iOS software, or disabled location and Find My Phone services.

no location found

Part 2. What Causes ‘No Location Found on iPhone’?

When you see the message "No Location Found" on your iPhone, it means that your device is unable to determine its current location. There are various factors to this issue.

  • Network issues: Firstly, it could be due to a poor GPS signal or weak cellular network connectivity, which are both required for location tracking.
  • Location Services turned off: Another reason could be that the Location Services feature on your iPhone is turned off or restricted for the app you're using.
  • Poor GPS signal: If your iPhone is unable to connect to GPS satellites or has a weak GPS signal, it may not be able to determine your location accurately.
  • Outdated iOS version: Lastly, if your iPhone is outdated or there are some glitches in the system, it can also cause location issues.
  • Hardware issues: In some rare cases, hardware issues such as a damaged GPS antenna or other internal components can cause "No Location Found" errors.

Part 3. Solutions for ‘Find My iPhone No Location Found’

In the previous section, we discussed some of the common reasons why the 'Find My iPhone' feature may not be able to locate your device. Now that you have a better understanding of the possible causes, let's explore some solutions that can help you fix the issue.

Make Sure Location Services is Turned on

In order for apps to use your location data, you need to make sure that Location Services is turned on. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and ensure that it is toggled on. Then scroll down to find the app that's giving you trouble and make sure its location access is set to "While Using the App".

location services

This will allow the app to access your location only while it's actively in use.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Sometimes toggling airplane mode on and off can help reset your device's connectivity. To do this, swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone's screen to access Control Center. Then, tap on the airplane icon to turn it on, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it off again.

airplane mode

This will disconnect your device from the network and reconnect it, which can sometimes help resolve any temporary connection issues.

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting iPhone can also help get rid of any temporary issues. In order to reboot your iPhone, press and hold the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" appears on the screen. Slide the bar to turn off your device, wait for a few seconds, and then press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

restart iphone

This will clear out any cached data that may be causing the issue.

Reset Network Settings

If none of the above methods work, try resetting your device's network settings. This will erase all saved Wi-Fi passwords and other network-related settings, so be prepared to set them up again.

Navigate to the "Settings" app on your device, then proceed to "General" followed by "Reset". Tap on "Reset Network Settings" and if prompted, provide your passcode. Finally, confirm that you wish to reset your network settings.

reset network settings

This will wipe out any existing network configurations and allow you to set up a fresh connection with your wireless carrier.

Update iOS

If none of the above methods work, try updating your iPhone's iOS software to the latest version.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and if an update is available, tap Download and Install.

update ios

Newer versions of iOS often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can resolve issues like "No Location Found".

Check Your Cellular Data Connection

If you're having trouble getting the location issue fixed on Phone, it's possible that you don't have a strong cellular data connection. It is important to confirm that your device has a secure and dependable connection to a cellular network.

Access the "Settings" application on your device, proceed to "Cellular", and verify that the "Cellular Data" option is enabled. Also, ensure that your device has a good signal strength. If you're in an area with poor signal strength, you may need to move to a different location to get a better signal.

cellular data

Reset Location and Privacy Settings

Another option is to reset your iPhone's location and privacy settings. You can do this by accessing the "Settings" app, selecting "General", choosing "Reset", and finally opting for "Reset Location & Privacy".

reset location and privacy

This will erase all location and privacy-related settings and return them to their default values. Note that this will also revoke any app permissions you've previously granted. After resetting, you'll need to grant permission again for each app that requires it.

Part 4. Tips for Changing Your iPhone Location

Are you looking to change the GPS location of your iPhone for a temporary period? You don't need to resort to complex tricks or jailbreaking your device. With Clipdown Location Changer, you can easily achieve this task within moments. The best part is that it works seamlessly with all location-based applications, including popular ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Fitbit, Pokémon GO, and Fitness.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Install Clipdown Location Changer on your computer and open it up.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Choose the location on the map where you'd like to virtually move yourself. This can be any point anywhere in the world.
  • Click the "Modify" button, and your location will instantly change to the desired location. Now, anyone viewing your location will see you exactly where you choose from Clipdown.

teleport mode

Part 5. FAQs about iPhone Location

Can I use the Find My app to locate my iPhone if it's offline?

If your iPhone is offline or not connected to the internet, you can still use the Find My app to locate it using the Offline Finding feature. When you mark your device as lost in the Find My app, Apple will use nearby devices that are signed in to iCloud to detect your lost device's Bluetooth signal and report its location back to you.

Is it possible to locate my iPhone via Find My app if someone else has turned off location sharing?

No, if someone has turned off location sharing for your iPhone, you will not be able to locate it using the Find My app.

Can I remotely erase my iPhone using the Find My app?

Yes, you can remotely erase your iPhone using the Find My app if you have enabled the "Erase iPhone" option in the app. This will erase all of the data on your iPhone and prevent anyone from accessing it.

I want to use the Find My app to locate my lost Apple Watch, is it ok?

Yes, you can use the Find My app to locate your lost Apple Watch. Just open the app and select your Apple Watch from the list of devices. You can then see its last known location on a map and play a sound to help you locate it.

Can I use the Find My app to locate my iPhone if it's been stolen?

Yes, you can use the Find My app to locate your stolen iPhone. If you log in to the Find My app on another device, you can mark your stolen iPhone as lost and Apple will send you a notification when it's located.


I hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the reasons behind common location service issues such as "No Location Found" and how to fix them. With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently turn location features on or off as needed, without worrying about encountering any errors.

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