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Top 10 Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online for Free 2024

Indian movies, a.k .a. Bollywood films, are in high demand these days. They have become just as popular as Hollywood movies to the point that hundreds of them are released yearly for both Indian and international audiences. If you're a movie buff, you can watch most of these Hindi movies online through various streaming sites.

There are many of them, but you need to find the ones that are safe and legal because some can turn out to be scam sites and sub-par streams. Once you know which sites are the best, choosing the one that suits you will be much easier. That's why, after a long and thorough research, this article presents the top 10 websites to watch Hindi movies online in 2024. These are the best in the industry, so check them out.

1. HindiLinks4u

watch hindi movies online

The first great place you can watch Hindi movies online is the HindiLinks4u. With this website, you can watch any Hindi movie you want without paying anything or downloading the movie. The site has more than just Hindi movies; you can watch documentaries, musicals, and various TV shows.

Finding your preferred Hindi movie on this site is relatively easy, too, because it allows you to browse movies by category, year, director, actor, and actress. Or you can just search for your favorite Bollywood movie on the search bar. You won't need to sign up to access these online Hindi movies. You'll be able to watch all of them for free on the site.

2. Prmovies

watch hindi movies online

You can consider Prmovies, too, if you want a great site for watching Hindi movies online. The site's interface is intuitively designed to allow you to search for your favorite Hindi movie easily through its search bar. You can access over 100 Hindi movies on this Bollywood site and watch them in HD quality.

It offers more than just Hindi movies alone. You can watch other movies here, like Punjabi, Irani, Pakistani, Bengali, and Telugu. Moreover, the site's main interface has several sections where you can search Bollywood films, Hindi movies, Kannada movies, etc. The site allows streaming of movies for free from different countries besides India.

3. Zee5

watch hindi movies online

Zee5 stands out for its large collection of Hindi movies, all of which are available for free. Another amazing thing about the Zee5 site is that all of its movies have English subtitles to accommodate those who don't speak Hindi. You won't need to do any registration to watch Hindi movies for free on this site either. There are movies, TV series, and even Hindi music that you can enjoy on this site.

4. Hotstar

watch hindi movies online

Hotstar is another site offering a large collection of Hindi movies available for free streaming. You'll also find unique Indian content that's exclusive to this platform. There's no signing up to access the movies, so you won't need to share any of your personal information. You can pay for an account to access more movies and TV shows.

If you're not interested in paying for anything, there are still lots of free titles that you can access. You just navigate through the different categories for thumbnails that don't have the "Premium" badge. You'll find selections like romance, comedy, drama, and the latest Hindi movies and shows. While streaming, ads will pop up, but they're not too intrusive. However, if you don't want any ads popping up, you can pay for the Hotstar Premium subscription.

5. Hungama

watch hindi movies online

Hungama is very popular when it comes to websites for watching Hindi movies online. It's a well-known site where users can stream all kinds of Hindi movies, TV shows, short films, and even music. Unlike the other sites, though, Hungama requires you to register for an account and select a plan first before you can watch all the Hindi movies it offers online.

6. YuppTV

watch hindi movies online

There is so much to watch on YuppTV, considering it's amongst the largest video streaming sites. You'll find over 1000 Hindi movies on this platform that you can stream online. Besides movies, the site offers more than 200 different Live Indian TV channels that you can watch.

Moreover, you can choose your preferred language for most major channels as the site offers them in multiple languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, etc. However, you must register a YuppTV account to stream Hindi movies.

7. JioCinema

watch hindi movies online

JioCinema merged with Voot to create a platform that provides an extensive collection of Hindi movies for free. The site also includes live sports, live TV, and other content in its list of offerings. Besides Hindi films, you can access Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, and English movies.

You can only access the huge library of movies, both classics and new releases, when you register an account with the site. Ads usually pop up during streaming, even if you paid for a subscription. That's the only major drawback you'll likely encounter, but it's nothing compared to the massive number of UHD Hindi movies you'll be able to watch.

8. Zenga TV

watch hindi movies online

If you want a platform where you can watch Hindi movies and lots of other content online for free, check out Zenga TV. This site has both Indian and Hollywood films that you can stream without paying for any subscription. You'll also find over 100 live TV channels and music content here.

The online Indian and international movies on the site are from various genres, including news, lifestyle, entertainment, kids, regional, food, and so on. Zenga TV is basically more than just a digital video company because it's also the best OTT player. The site allows you to download HD movies directly from it to watch them offline on your mobile device, like Android.

9. HDFriday

watch hindi movies online

While it's a free platform, HDFriday has copyrighted content, which means it's only ideal for watching movies you're permitted to stream. The site requires no registration and offers external links to various HD movies. It has a nice collection of Bollywood movies plus other selections like South Asian cinema, sci-fi, web series, and American titles. There's even a whole section for Marvel movies only.

The streams also have download links below them that you can use to save movies for later viewing. The links have the option to select the download quality you want. If you choose 1080p, for instance, you'll have an excellent video resolution, but the download file will be large. So, if there isn't sufficient space on your device, you'll need to scale down the download quality to 480p.

10. HindiMoviesTV

watch hindi movies online

Now, the final top site for watching Hindi movies online is HindiMoviesTV. On this site, you can watch every Hindi movie online for free. The site has both Indian and Hollywood movies, which are put in different categories that include action, romance, horror, sport, etc.

There's a search bar where you can also search for movies by entering their titles or based on their year of release from 2013 to 2023. When the particular movie you searched for appears, you'll see its IMDb rating, which will give you an idea of whether it's a great movie to watch or not. The site is for more than just streaming Hindi movies because it has the option to download your favorite movie to watch it later offline.

FAQs on Watching Hindi Movies Online

How do I find the best website for watching Hindi movies?

First, you have to check the legality and reputation of the site. You should also check if the site has a large selection of movies, an intuitive interface, and provides subtitles or dubbing. Go to the streaming site's menu settings and check its in-player options to see the features it offers.

Do I need to use a VPN when streaming Hindi movies?

No, there's no need to use a VPN, but you can use it if you want extra privacy and security when watching Hindi movies. If you're streaming through a public or shared Wi-Fi network, you must use a VPN because you can easily get hacked and spied on.

Not all streaming platforms support VPNs, though. Some even prohibit it in their terms of service. Therefore, ensure you check the terms and conditions before using VPNs.

Can I stream Hindi movies while in the USA?

Of course, you can. You only need an online streaming platform that provides Hindi movies and is accessible in the US. There are several of them, like Hotstar and Prmovies. These two are available worldwide and have a decent collection of both Bollywood and regional films.


The top 10 websites to watch Hindi movies online that we've listed above are safe and reliable. Most even include large collections of free Hindi movies you can stream without signing up or creating a premium account. You also don't have to miss your favorite Hindi movies if you can't stream them because of time constraints or other reasons. You can download them quite easily using a third-party tool like ClipDown Video Downloader and view them offline anytime.


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