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Top 9 Alternative Sites Like 9xbuddy in 2021


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Streaming videos online is one of the most common things we all love to do in our spare time. However, it’s not always possible to stream your favorite video content because of slow internet and other problems. In such situations, sites like 9xbuddy are very useful.

9xbuddy is a popular online video downloader that allows you to download videos from popular sites. All you need to do is enter the video link on the site and press the download button. Although 9xbuddy is one of the best tools for downloading videos, it does not always work efficiently.

Thankfully, there is a good number of substitutes of 9xbuddy. In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best sites like 9xbuddy. Keep reading!

What is 9xbuddy?

9xbuddy is a popular open-source website that lets you download online videos free of charge. It comes with a straightforward interface that lets you download your favorite videos quickly. Moreover, it allows you to save videos from various websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter, and much more.

9xbuddy alternatives

The best thing about the tool is it lets you save the videos in a variety of formats in 3 simple steps. You can even download the subtitle, thumbnail, and audio of the video with 9xbuddy. Not a lot of sites offer you such flexibility for free.

Best Alternative to 9xbuddy

If you are searching for a worthy 9xbuddy alternative, then ClipDown Video Downloader will be an excellent option for you. In fact, ClipDown lets you do a lot of things apart from just downloading the videos. You can download an entire YouTube playlist or channel with fast speed. You can even batch download multiple clips at a time.

Here are some amazing features of ClipDown Video Downloader:

  • Download videos from more than 1000+ video streaming websites.
  • Download videos in high-quality, including HD 1080p, 4k, and 8k resolution.
  • 10x faster download speed than other video downloaders in the market.
  • Extract audios from videos and save them in MP3 320kbps.
  • Download subtitles and thumbnails along with YouTube videos.

It is also very easy to use ClipDown Video Downloader. Here is how to use ClipDown to download videos from YouTube:

Step 1: Open ClipDown’s official website and download the suitable version for your operating system.

Step 2: Install the program and run it on your PC. Then visit YouTube and copy the video URL you want to download.

video downloader

Step 3: Get back to the ClipDown and press "+Paste URL". The app will automatically detect the video link and open a dialog box on the interface.

paste url

Step 4: Pick the preferred format to save the video. You can also choose the download location. Now press Download.

download online video

That’s it! ClipDown will start downloading immediately. Once the download is complete, you can enjoy the video offline anytime.

Top 8 Sites like 9xbuddy

Here are some other excellent alternative sites like 9xbuddy for online video downloading:

1. Yout

Yout is one of the very few tools out there that let you download online videos legally. What it actually does is enable you to copy the video on your device following a legal system. It comes with a straightforward interface and lets you download the video easily. You can also convert the videos into various formats with just a click.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • A legal site to download online videos.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Download videos quickly.
  • Convert video files in different formats.

2. Deturl

Deturl is another helpful tool that lets you download videos from a variety of websites. The using procedure of the site is also straightforward. Simply copy the video URL and then press download. You can also pick the preferred format of the video while downloading.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • Support quick download from any video site.
  • Let you download videos directly from YouTube.
  • Simple interface; easy to use.

3. Catchvideo.net

As the name suggests, Catchvideo lets you grab videos from multiple online sites. You can download the video from DailyMotion, YouTube, Facebook, and much more. It also has a browser extension that lets you catch the videos while surfing the video site.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • Support Youtube, DailyMotion, and other video sites.
  • Include extensions to download videos quickly.
  • Easy three-step download procedure.

4. YMP4

YMP4 is a popular video downloader known for its fast and safe video downloading features. With its intuitive interface, you can save the video to your device with just a few clicks. It also allows you to convert videos to MP4 and MP3.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • Download videos at a faster speed.
  • Convert videos to MP3 and MP4 files.
  • Quick and simple download process.

5. Converto.io

Converto.io is very much identical to the 9xbuddy interface. Apart from downloading the videos, converto.io also allows you to do many other things. Such as, you can customize the id3 tag and name of the video. It also allows you to download the video or audio in original quality.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • Well-designed user interface.
  • Let you customize the file name and id3 tag.
  • Let you save the file in original quality.

6. Catch.tube

Cath.tube lets you download unlimited videos from YouTube and other video sharing platforms. It has an intuitive and friendly user interface to save videos easily. Catch.tube also offers an extension for downloading the videos while browsing video sites.

9xbuddy alternatives

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Download videos in high quality.
  • Include extensions for quick download.
  • Support YouTube and a lot of other sites.

7. BitDownloader

BitDownlaader is also a good alternative to 9xbuddy. You can simply paste the video link to the textbox on the site to download the video on your device. In addition, you can save the video file in various formats. There is also a free browser extension for easier download.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • 100% safe and secure site.
  • Easy and comfortable interface.
  • Let you download videos from an array of sites.

8. KeepDownloading

KeepDownloading is a feature-rich video downloader that you can use instead of 9xbuddy. Along with the video, it lets you download subtitles and thumbnails of the video.

9xbuddy alternatives


  • Download videos in any format.
  • Supports Airplay and Chromecast.
  • Save the subtitles of the video.
  • Supports Google IMA.
  • Work from smartphone devices.

Final Verdict

As you see, there is a handful array of video downloaders out there. You can utilize any of these to download and save the videos. However, we cannot assure the stability of these tools as they are online-based.

If you often download videos for offline enjoyment, we recommend using the ClipDown Video Downloader. It's easy to use and lets you download videos in the highest available quality while also bringing you several valuable features.

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