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[2023] Top 6 Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS & Android

Are you getting frustrated with the walking in circles while trying to catch rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO? Or perhaps you reside in a rural area where it's challenging to find Pokestops and gyms. In this case, you might want to consider using a Pokémon GO spoofer.

A Pokémon GO spoofer always allow you to change your in-game location, giving you the ability to capture Pokémon and access Pokestops and gyms from any location worldwide. In this article, we will introduce you to the top six Pokémon GO spoofers available for both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to use these spoofers effectively, enabling you to elevate your Pokémon GO gaming experience to a whole new level!

spoofers pokemon go

Part 1. Why Do You Need Spoofers in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is a game that uses augmented reality and is all about real-world places. You have to physically move around in the real world to find and catch Pokémon, which helps you progress in the game.

Because of this, some players think spoofing is really important in the game. Spoofing means faking your location, and it can help you with many things in the game. Some of the reasons players may consider spoofing include:

Access to Regional Exclusives

Pokemon Go includes region-exclusive Pokemon that can only be found in specific areas of the world. Spoofing allows players to bypass the need for physical travel and catch these elusive Pokemon from anywhere.

Rare Pokémon and Raids

Some Pokémon are exceedingly rare, making them difficult to find in certain areas. Spoofers can change their location to visit places where these rare Pokémon spawn more frequently or participate in raids in locations they otherwise couldn't access.

Competition and PVP Battles

Some players may use spoofing to gain an unfair advantage in player versus player (PVP) battles or gym battles. By spoofing to different locations, they can quickly gather powerful Pokemon, control multiple gyms, or participate in remote raids.

Event Participation

Pokemon Go hosts various in-game events that offer exclusive rewards, special Pokemon appearances, or limited-time features. Spoofing can enable players to participate in events happening in different locations, even if they are unable to physically attend. This allows them to enjoy event-exclusive content and collect unique items or Pokemon.

Personal Convenience

Some players may use spoofing for personal convenience, such as exploring virtual landmarks or notable locations they are unable to visit in person due to geographical or logistical constraints. Spoofing allows them to experience the game's augmented reality elements without physical limitations.

Part 2. Best Pokemon GO Spoofers in 2023

ClipDown Location Changer stands out as one of the top 6 Pokémon GO spoofers in 2023, requiring minimal effort to use. This specialized tool is designed to offer a complete solution for changing your location on both iOS and Android devices. With its array of unique features, TailorGo ensures that Pokémon GO spoofing becomes a safe and enjoyable experience.

Key features of ClipDown Location Changer

  • Change Locations for both iOS and Android, no jailbreaking required!
  • Easy-to-use virtual joystick for customizing moving routes and speeds, even simulating Pokémon walking.
  • Perfect for AR game enthusiasts like Pokémon Go players, as it allows searching for specific destinations.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular location-based apps like Tinder, Snapchat, and various social media platforms.
  • Use geo-specific phone services without any location-based limitations.

Step 1. Get the ClipDown Location Changer and install it on your Windows or Mac operating system.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer either via a USB cable or a wireless connection, like WIFI.

Step 3. Choose the Teleport Mode by clicking on the option located at the top-right corner. You can input an address, coordinates, or even directly select a location on the map. Additionally, if you'd like to learn about the best place to fake your location in Pokemon Go, you can find that information here. After that, simply tap on "Move" to change the location.

Step 4. Next, select the Joystick Mode to control over the direction in which your GPS moves. You can use either your keyboard or the virtual keys provided to make the movements.

Step 5. To fake GPS movement in Pokemon Go, choose either the Jump Teleport Mode Multi-Spot Mode or the Two-Spot Mode. From there, you can plot out a route for your Pokemon Go journey and adjust the speed you like.

teleport mode

Part 3. Other Alternatives to Spoof Pokémon GO

If you're looking for alternatives to spoof Pokémon GO, here are some options you may want to consider.

TUTUApp Pokémon GO

The TUTUApp Pokémon GO is a website where people can get free access to high-quality games and apps. It was initially created for Chinese users, but it has expanded to serve people from all over the world with the introduction of an English version.

Moreover, the creators of Tutu have access to detailed maps of Pokémon GO. This allows them to guide you to the exact locations of rare Pokemon with special features like shiny or dark appearances. Like other cheating tools, you can choose any location to play the game.



  • Updates app library regularly.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • There may be potential security risks and malware-infested apps.
  • Not available on the official app stores.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a popular tool for tricking Pokémon Go into thinking you're in a different location. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) hide your real location by using a special app that changes your IP address, making it impossible to determine where you actually are.

nord vpn


  • High level of security and encryption.
  • Wide range of server locations worldwide.
  • No logs policy ensures privacy and anonymity.


  • More expensive compared to other VPN providers.
  • Some occasional connection issues reported by users.


If you want to pretend to be in a different location on Pokémon GO using your Windows PC and iPhone/iPad, then I have the perfect tool for you! iPOGO allows you to manually change your in-game position, but it requires a jailbroken device. Additionally, this service is easy to use and offers many free features for a great gaming experience.



  • Allow users to play the game from anywhere in the world.
  • Provides additional in-game resources and customization options.
  • Allow players to easily find and catch rare Pokémon.


  • Have compatibility issues with different devices or operating systems.
  • Not supported by Niantic, the official developers of Pokémon GO.


The iSpoofer app became very popular because it allowed users to add a joystick to the game and teleport to different locations easily. This was particularly useful for people who lived in rural or remote areas and couldn't access many Pokémon.

However, the iSpoofer app has been recently taken down, which means that it is no longer possible to download Pokemon Go on iOS or install iSpoofer. As a result, iSpoofer is no longer available for use.



  • Provides a range of features such as joystick controls, auto-walking, and nearby Pokémon tracking.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and is easy to install and use.


  • There is a risk of malware or viruses.
  • Some features can make the game feel less immersive.

PGSharp - Android Only

PGSharp is an Android app that lets users play Pokémon GO without actually moving around. It's like a fake version of the game. The app can be downloaded and installed easily on Android devices, whether they are customized or not. It offers similar features to another app called iPogo, which is only available for iOS users. The good thing is, PGSharp can be installed quickly, without any complicated steps.



  • Access to location spoofing for Pokemon Go.
  • Play the game without leaving your home or local area.
  • Catch Pokemon from different regions.
  • No risk of physically visiting unsafe or inaccessible locations.


  • Requires a subscription fee for advanced features.
  • Available for Android devices only.

Part 4. FAQs about Spoofers Pokemon Go

Q1. Is Pokémon GO spoofing legal?

Spoofing in Pokémon GO is against the game's terms of service, and Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, actively bans accounts that engage in spoofing. However, the legality of spoofing may vary depending on the country or jurisdiction you are playing in, so it is advised to check your local laws.

Q2. What are the risks of Pokémon GO spoofing?

Engaging in Pokémon GO spoofing can result in the permanent ban of your account. Niantic has implemented anti-spoofing measures and regularly updates the game to detect and punish spoofers. Additionally, using third-party spoofing tools can expose your device to malware or phishing attempts.

Q3. Can I get my account back if it gets banned for spoofing?

Niantic's policy is strict when it comes to Pokémon GO spoofing, and they generally do not reverse permanent bans. If your account is banned for spoofing, it is unlikely that you will be able to get it back.

Q4. Can Niantic completely stop Pokémon GO spoofing?

While Niantic has implemented various measures to combat spoofing, it is difficult to completely eliminate it. Spoofers often find ways to adapt to new anti-spoofing measures. However, Niantic continues to update the game and improve its detection methods to minimize spoofing activities.

Q5. Can you get shiny Pokémon by spoofing?

Spoofing does not provide any advantage when it comes to obtaining shiny Pokémon compared to legitimate players. The rarity of shiny Pokémon remains the same, and the chances of encountering them are not increased by spoofing.


Now you have all the tools you need to catch all the Pokémon you want using Pokémon Go spoofing apps. Just make sure you use them responsibly to avoid any negative outcomes. With apps like ClipDown Location Changer, you can simply relax while your in-game character moves around for you.

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