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What Does 'Sent as SMS via Server' Mean & How to Stop It?

In today's digital era, texting continues to play a crucial role in interpersonal communication. Despite the abundance of instant messaging apps, sending a simple text message remains a highly convenient means of reaching out to someone.

However, have you ever encountered the mysterious message, "Sent as SMS via server" when sending or receiving text messages? If you've ever wondered what this message means, you've come to the right place. Continue reading to find out what "Sent as SMS via server" is and how you can prevent this message from showing up on your device.

What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean?

Users of the latest Android devices or those who have updated to new versions of the Android OS may have noticed the status of "Sent as SMS via Server". Although not technically an "error", it becomes a problem if you did not intend for your text message to be sent in this manner.

Essentially, it is a typical SMS delivery status notification similar to "Sent", "Delivered", "Received", or "Failed". You can think of it as a type of read report. In simple terms, it informs the sender that their SMS message, originally intended as an RCS message sent via WiFi, was instead sent over a cellular network.

sent as sms via server

Why Are Text Messages Sent as SMS via Server?

The specific cause of this notification in Android SMS messages remains uncertain. However, it started after recent Android OS updates introduced RCS chats across all Android phones. Many Android users were unaware of the update, leading to confusion about the change in message status.

Other possible reasons include:

  • If the person you're sending the message to uses an iPhone, they won't receive RCS chats because iPhones only support iMessage, not RCS.
  • If the recipient has blocked your number.
  • If the person you're messaging isn't connected to the internet.

How to Turn Off Sent as SMS via Server Message?

"Sent as SMS via Server" isn't an error, so there's no need to worry about fixing anything. If you'd rather not see this message, you can switch back to the regular delivery notifications.

#1. Enable “Show when Delivered” First

If you're fed up with getting the "Sent as SMS via server" message, here's a simple fix to try. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Messaging app on your phone and go to Settings.
  • Tap on "Text messages" and turn on the "Show when delivered" option.

show when delivered

After that, send a text message to see if the issue persists.

#2. Turn on RCS Chats

An easy fix is for both you and the people you're messaging to enable RCS messaging on your Android devices. Here's how you can do it:

  • Open Google Messages on your phone.
  • Go to 'Settings' and then 'RCS chats'.
  • Depending on your app version, you might find 'Chat Features' or 'Turn on RCS Chats'. From there, you can switch on RCS chats if it's not already on.

rsc chats

#3. Run iPhone in Safe Mode

To understand and fix the issue of "Sent as SMS via server," you have several options. One effective solution is to try running your device in safe mode, which can help identify if a third-party app is causing the problem. Follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power key while the phone is on until the logo appears on the screen.
  • Then, press and hold the volume down key.
  • If you've done it correctly, you'll see "Safe mode" in the bottom left corner of your screen.

safe mode

Once in safe mode, you can uninstall recently installed apps one by one to identify which one is causing the problem.

#4. Clear Message Cache

If you're still experiencing this issue, one suggested solution from online forums is to clear the cache of the Messages app.

  • Go to 'Settings', then 'Storage'.
  • Find the Messages app and tap on 'Clear Cache' or 'Cleanup'.
  • Additionally, you might want to try a general cleanup for your Android device as well.

FAQs about Sent as SMS via Server

Q1. Does "Sent as SMS via Server" affect my message delivery?

Generally, it does not impact message delivery. However, if RCS is available and preferred, you may want to ensure both you and the recipient have it enabled for a richer messaging experience.

Q2. Can I send multimedia messages if my message is "Sent as SMS via Server"?

Yes, you can still send multimedia messages even if the notification says "Sent as SMS via Server". The message format may default to SMS, but MMS functionality remains.

Q3. What should I do if this message appears when messaging an iPhone user?

iPhones use iMessage, and they may not support RCS. The message format defaults to SMS when communicating with iPhone users. Consider using other messaging platforms if advanced features are crucial.

Q4. Is "Sent as SMS via Server" a security concern?

No, this notification is not a security concern. It's a messaging protocol indicator and does not imply any compromise of your messages or data.

Q5. Is there any difference in delivery speed between RCS and SMS messages?

RCS messages are often sent and received faster than SMS. However, the actual delivery speed can depend on various factors, including network conditions and carrier support.

Write in the End

Figuring out why your text messages show "Sent as SMS via Server" and dealing with any related problems can make your texting experience much better. Whether you want to make sure your messages always get through, use extra features, or fix issues with compatibility, you now know how to handle the details of SMS messaging through servers. Enjoy the benefits of using server-based messaging while keeping in touch with friends and family.

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